The Expert Tables connects brands with attendees.
During 30-minute sessions a selection of innovative companies share insights on their industry, talk about their product and share experiences.
With only 8 seats per table you are able to have a lively discussion, learn from the experts and brainstorm possible solutions.

How it works:
- Each Expert Table has the purpose to leave you with actionable advice and valuable contacts
- Each session takes a maximum of 30 minutes
- The expert can accept or decline requests for sessions up front
- You can request 1 or more sessions at different Expert Tables
- The link to apply for these sessions is powered by NetWorkTables and will be available in May 2017

Claim your table.

You can apply to host your own table. If you and your company are looking for valuable connections with entrepreneurial women, ways to showcase your product, insights and experience, the Expert Tables are the place for you.

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