2022 International Women’s Day




The art of connecting is a true gift to us as humans.

For centuries we have used gifting to build trust and cement bonds among tribes and communities. On this International Women’s Day we wanted to make sure that you know that you are a part of our world – our tribe. We use this gift to show our appreciation of your existence and thank you for being a part of our communities’ growth. We also hope to inspire you with a message that through gifting we all gain.

If you are on this site than you have the pleasure of  enjoying the love that we, and others, have put into your piece of soul and soil care.

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Looking for growth and doing that with entrepreneurial friends - you've come to the right network!

With the help of The Next Women network this campaign was put together in a heartbeat by the founders of The Gift Label and EarthToday. Lynn Burgman’s (thegiftlabel.com) team had suggested the campaign as they see gifting as a tool of empowerment. And who else but the entrepreneurs of the female growth network!

That same morning Constance Scholten (earthtoday.com) sat in a call with Anne-Marie Twigge, managing director The Next Women, heard about the spontaneous idea and didn’t think twice about jumping into the mix.

Within 24hrs a beautiful, collaborative campaign came to existence!

Is this the kind of idea-making, collaboration and energy you are looking for?

Then be sure to introduce yourself to The Next Women and book a call with Anne-Marie herself!

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