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Fintech startup Mattrvest is all about helping people plan, spend and save for what “mattrs” to them by simplifying savings management. Antler, the VC who assisted in forming the team before ultimately deciding to invest in them recently interviewed two of the three team members, Mayur Singh and Diane Delava at the Antler Amsterdam office to get an update on what their current go-to-market strategy looks like, the funny story behind how the team met and why they decided to form Mattrvest.

“I met Mayur at this conference in Singapore called UNLEASH.” says Diane. “The first night I felt a bit lost; a thousand young people from all over the world were there, but most of them were there just to network. I went because I wanted to build something which would have a positive impact on the world.”

Mayur continues: “UNLEASH gathers talent annually to collaborate on solutions to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Diane and I were in the same group addressing the same problem and we randomly started talking. It turned out that we were both annoyed at the fact that most of the people were there only to network. We shared the ambition and willingness to get our hands dirty and come out of the event with some tangible solutions.”

“Our group ended up winning the Antler award allowing us to join the first Singapore program just a month later. We decided to postpone the offer and join the second one instead, but continued to work on the solution we presented at UNLEASH in the meantime.”

“When the Antler program finally began, Mayur and I said to each other that we have to be open to new possibilities and that it’s fine if you find someone else with whom you have better synergy. We wanted to make sure we really jumped feet first into the Antler program to ensure we got the most out of it, and I’m so thankful we did. We met our third co-founder, Diego [not present during the interview], on the first day of the program.” says Diane.

“We had this session where we were asked to share a fun fact about ourselves. Don’t judge me but mine was that I eat raw potatoes…”

Wait… What?

“Yes, you heard right. It’s a long story. BUT, afterward, Diego came up to me and asked: “Do you really eat raw potatoes? Is that true?” and we began a conversation from there.” Diane says laughing. “As it turns out, Mayur, Diego and I had all taken pictures of each other’s presentations after the introduction as we felt there could be a great match, and we continued as a team throughout the rest of the program.”

After securing investment at the second Singapore Demo Day event, Mattrvest is now setting its sights on Europe, particularly Germany and the Benelux region after having tested various markets. You can keep up to date with the company as they grow by visiting their website here and following them on social media, @MattrvestTweets.

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