In 2009, Simone Brummelhuis, co-founder of IENS.nl, started The Next Women in London by organizing “Kitchen Table Dinners”. A great speaker, good food, inspiring people.

Coming from a background in tech entrepreneurship, she was well aware of the challenges entrepreneurs face – especially when it comes to gaining access to knowledge, capital and the right community. Through content and the organization of events, she increased the network of The Next Women to what it is today.

In 2020 The Next Women provides female founders, professionals and investors access to that very significant knowledge, capital & network. We believe in new opportunities, new ideas, new perspectives and new exciting ventures.

It’s our vision that much more prosperity and abundance is possible when we progress into a culture of true equality.
A culture of equal opportunities, of equal role models, equal investments, equal representation.
A culture of equal power between men and women so we can grow much further, together.

With The Next Women membership & partners and The Next Women Fund I we connect with each other to enlarge the influence and impact of successful women. Our network helps women get equal representation, investments and power.

In this way, we help build financially healthy and strong inclusive companies that are ready to change the world for the better.


The team

Everything that grows, needs the right environment to flourish. Next to a community of amazing women, TheNextWomen is operated by 7 female professionals in the fields of growth, partnerships & projects. Because we are fueled by our dedication to establish change, we are truly unstoppable. Nice to meet you!

Simone Brummelhuis (founder TheNextWomen): “I’m proud of the more than 150 female startup founders that enroll in our Pitch Competition every year. They realize that our network of influential female entrepreneurs can and will help them grow.”

Making the success of women entrepreneurs visible

Simone Brummelhuis


When you invest in women, you invest back in an entire community

Rixt Herklots


Rosalie van Gelder

Partnership Manager

Involvement of women and equality is the way forward

Anne Kwak

Office Manager

Caroline Brummelhuis

Chapter lead Tunisia

The office

We’re currently holding office at Capital C (Weesperplein 4B). Are you an entrepreneur? There’s room for you too! We’re offering desk space in an inspiring work environment with other ambitious female entrepreneurs. In addition, The Next Women community hosts great events, meetups & a network of experts.

Join us at Capital C! Contact us to find out how.

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