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Follow up to the series in March-April 2020. How are our entrepreneurs doing 4 months later?

Julia Mitereva is the co-founder of Fashion Potluck, a digital platform designed for content sharing between women, cataloging fashion, reviews, travel, recipes, makeup tutorials, life hacks and everything in between.

How has COVID-19 effected her business and what came of her predictions in May earlier this year?

Which of the measures you have taken are still active?

We have continued to invest in improving our tools, reaching out to prospective companies we feel we have an affinity with, and communication with our team continues to be our main focus to make sure we are all onboard with our company mission: to become the point of reference for women generated content.

What was the ultimate effect on your services / supply chain?

The Covid crisis is not over and it continues to affect us. Launching our new marketing services that we know can benefit companies that sell women related products and services is challenging as companies seem to be worried to look for alternatives outside of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords for bringing in customers.

We have a captive audience of close to a million per year, we know that brands can benefit from being part of our community and by using our tools. We have a committed team that understands the importance of what we have built and our potential. We will keep at it.

What is the current state of your staff?

We decreased the number of developers working for us and increased our marketing team. We have always had a lean company and although this crisis has impacted us commercially, we serve a worldwide women community, provide for a vehicle for freedom of expression, empowerment, and continue to grow.

What opportunities have you seized in the past period?

A few actually. There are always positive points you can find in any difficult situation. There are two factors that stand out in our experience in the past five months. The first has to do with the positive impact this had on the size of our community. Our growth graph literally shifted upwards. Our new members have joined our international women community and we have more women sharing their stories and points of view. This is good for our community as a whole and for companies that want access to women related audiences.

The second has to do with getting access to a wider international workforce. Covid has shown worldwide something that we have always known. Working remotely, if done correctly, is possible and positive; both creatively and productively. We have welcomed new team members from the US which allows us to have a stronger foothold there all while increasing the number of hours that receives for its growth. When we close shop in Amsterdam, our US team members keep bringing our platform forward.

What opportunities do you see in the near future?

We have a lot of value to offer to companies and community members as a whole. We believe that as businesses and people in general adapt to these new times, we will bring companies onboard, offering greater access to audiences across the globe. In regards to our community, we have been live for four years. As the years pass, we grow stronger and bigger. This will enable us to open opportunities for growth and empowerment to our women community members wherever they may live.

At the same time, with more businesses focusing investments in social media marketing, the competition for social media marketing clicks continues to increase. With the average AdWords CPC of $2.69 and Facebook’s $1.68 (and growing), brands and marketeers should now look beyond those giants for successfully reaching their audiences.

With Fashion Potluck for Business, brands that target women audiences can benefit from our traffic and innovative marketing tools all at once. When joining our Brands Category – brands instantly have a chance to reach & interact with our Fashion Potluck users, using our tools to expand their audiences even further. We strongly believe in what we do and what we offer to brands.

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