An entrepreneur in COVID times | How the banks can help you

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What can the banks do for your company during the COVID-19 virus?

We’ve survived the first week of social distancing, closed schools, bars & gyms and a drop in steady revenue. The Dutch government announced new emergency measures last week and we will keep you up to date on them.

One thing is certain, the banks are doing everything they can to help Dutch entrepreneurs.
But since they don’t all follow the same guideline, we’ve put the main measures of the 3 Big Banks in a row for you:


Entrepreneurs can request a delay of repayment for 6 months via an opt-in (active application via the Rabobank website).
The form to use:

Additional information for entrepreneurs with an account with Rabobank can be found here:

ABN Amro
The ABN Amro bank suspends all payment obligations related to credits for 6 months for each ABN Amro customer.

Unlike other banks, ABN Amro has chosen to achieve this through an opt-out rather than an opt-in.
This means that only organizations that do not want to use this must notify us before 31 March.
You can see the opt out button on the right side of the website via:

If the suspension of payment obligations for ABN amro customers does not have sufficient effect on their business operations, they can submit a request for a guarantee credit.
More information about this measure can be found via the link below.
You will find an intake form that entrepreneurs can fill out so that their application can be processed immediately by a specially arranged team;

You can temporarily stop the repayment on your financing at ING.
Is your company fundamentally healthy, but has your turnover extremely decreased due to the consequences of the corona virus? In many cases, ING can then suspend the repayment on your current financing for a maximum of 6 months.
By temporarily stopping the repayment, your company has more financial space to absorb the consequences of a lower turnover.

Suspension of your repayment is not automatic. You must register with ING yourself via: Vraag uitstel aan via Mijn ING Zakelijk

Additional information for entrepreneurs with an account with ING can be found here:: Als ondernemer bankieren in tijden van corona

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