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20 minutes deep relaxation

How to stay relaxed during the quarantine?

The power of time off has worked on four video clips that help to stay relaxed during quarantine: 10 minutes power meditation to start your day, 10 minutes breathing exercise, 20 minutes deep relaxation and 40 minutes rebalancing your energy.

These video’s are free of charge. Use these videos for yourself and / or share the video’s with anyone who might benefit from it. Think of your family and friends who are alone or just sit with a whole family forced at home. Or those people working in a vital profession.

Enjoy these practices. Everybody can do it, so do you! You do not need any experience. Try to practice on a daily basis and plan a fixed time of the day. For example, in the early morning before your daily activities begin and/or daily before you go to bed.

Especially, now many of us are forced to take time off, profit from the power of time off! If you never make time, you never have time!

20 minutes deep relaxation

This video will guide you on a 20 minutes journey to deeply relax with yoga nidra. This is a powerful technique of complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The term yoga means one-pointed awareness. Nidra means sleep. During this practice you appear to be asleep, but the consciousness is functioning on a deeper level of awareness. You experience a state of dynamic sleep. Regular practice can result in improved sleep pattern, enhanced concentration and diminishing chronic health issues.



‘In these times of fear, loneliness and uncertainty, the power of time off provides it’s expertise and experience to support you on a physical, mental and emotional level.’

– Ingrid Valks | Initiator the power of time off

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