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Anne-Marie Twigge – Founder – TJIGX

What’s your mission?
My personal mission is leading a creatively diverse life and supporting others who are inspired and driven by creativity too.

What’s your biggest lesson / tip / advice to share with others?
Learning to trust oneself and that trusting oneself requires constant reflection and a way of living that calls upon tenacious perseverance and bravery. In other words; Be brave enough to be self critical without losing faith in your own abilities. Learn to understand your motivations so that you know when you are bullshitting yourself; be it through conditioning, trauma or adopted habits.

What’s the meaning of success to you?
To be happy.

What impact do you make?
I believe I inspire people to believe in their creative power.

What’s true inclusivity for you?
I often find myself saying “inclusion illusion”… I feel that te term inclusion has become a trend, a buzz word that is now actually diluting the more important value being respect. I believe that at the heart of creativity is the ability to combine. When one adopts an “all-inclusive” approach chances are everything becomes nothing by loss of distinction. We require distinction for originality and uniqueness. We need respect for human life in all forms, shapes, sizes and expressions.

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