Online Coaching Hours about planning ahead for 2023!

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    COACHING HOURS Q4 #2 (Online)

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    15 December 2:30 pm

    Online via Zoom

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With the new year almost upon us, the upcoming Coaching Hours will be all about planning ahead for 2023! Get advice on financial planning, business development and growth from our group of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.

Suzanne Haeck – MaximaVida

Over the past years Suzanne has found that designing a good growth plan is crucial when running a business. The first step is to establish your strategy and focus. After this – and very important in today’s uncertain times – it is essential that you think about and create different scenarios. Based on these scenarios you will then be able to design a good financial plan and growth plan. During this session Suzanne will help you with tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts on how to create these different scenarios and design your perfect financial plan and growth plan!

Marja Baas – MYoMY

Marja will talk to you about scaling up your business, setting a clear goal and creating a business plan on one A4. More specifically, what is a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and why is it critical to scaling your organization? Is yours good enough? What do you need to reach your BHAG? And how to split your goal into different parts to make in more feasible?

Lieke Danenberg – ELFIN

After setting up an action plan to achieve your BHAG, the question remains: how to make your business growth scalable? And more precisely, how do you grow as a team? Lieke will show you how to work towards your goal systematically using a roadmap and how to pass on responsibility by putting it in the right places. Furthermore, she will tell you how sprints/epics can help you achieve growth and how to ensure that you become a coaching leader enabling the team to grow with you!

Puck Landewé РELFIN

Last but not least, branding and storytelling are like the foundation of your house and key to growing your business. Puck has a lot of experience when it comes to branding and storytelling. During her coaching session you will learn more about how to position yourself in the market and how to assure that your business and brand stands out. Moreover Puck will tell you more about the different media channels and what media channels to use!

If you are motivated to start 2023 with renewed energy and an excellent financial- and business plan, you don’t want to miss this.