The Next Investor Class

When women control the funds, more female founders will get funded.

  • What

    The Next Investor Class | 3 Day Course

  • When & where

    Tuesday June 16
    Tuesday June 23
    Tuesday June 30


    Capital C
    Weesperplein 4b
    1018XA Amsterdam

  • Member status

    Open for everyone

  • Price

    €997,- for members / €1.447,- for non-members including a PRO membership for 12 months with The Next Women


  • 19:00
    Walk in
  • 19:15
    Start session
  • 20:00
  • 20:15
    Continue session
  • 21:00
  • 21:30



When women control the funds, more women will receive investments.

Experience has tought us that when women don’t feel properly educated, they experience risk as something negative.

They programs already out there are not tailored to the needs and asks of women.

But we need women to become part of the investor landscape for us to be able to tip the scale and make an impact.


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