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My company is actually doing pretty great – How come I'm not seeing it on my balance account

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    Webinar Finance

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    July 31, 11.00-12.00 - https://thenextwomennl.whereby.com/webinar

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    Webinar Finance
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Marissa Bonants

Founder The MoneyMate

In July we help you focus on your finances. The last few months have been though on most entrepreneurs, but with your entrepreneurial spirit you also see opportunity and possibility.

Marissa Bonants, founder of The MoneyMate, will host 3 webinars around the topics of finance.

Webinar 1 – July 3 (11.00-12.00) | From start-up to scale-up: How to scale fast and financially priftable

Webinar 2 – July 17 (11.00-12.00) | Cash is the oxygen of your company: How do you manage your liquidity in uncertain times or right after a big investment

Webinar 3 – July 31 (11.00-12.00) | My company is actually doing pretty great – How come I’m not seeing it on my balance account

More about Marissa Bonants

Marissa is a financial expert for start-ups and scale-ups and helps companies to further professionalise their business quickly, financially strong and profitable. ‘As an accountant, I have gone through the finances of many companies and sat down with the management. I have bundled all these lessons learned and am now committed to growing companies through financial insight and smart financial choices. There are too many companies with a fantastic product and an even nicer mission where things go wrong with financial knowledge. Time for change’.