Webinar Linked-In Profile Check

Get your Linked-In profile checked to optimalize your B2B marketing

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    Webinar Linked-In Profile Check

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    May 14

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    Open for everyone

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  • 16:00
    Start workshop
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    Live check profiles
  • 17:30


Why a check?

Your personal LinkedIn profile has enormous marketing value! More than any company page. People like to interact with other people, and company content often focuses on B2B marketing. By designing your profile in a way that suits you, you can become a magnet for your network, become an online ambassador for your company and generate leads for new assignments.

Because your profile is the first thing people see before they contact you, a LinkedIn check is valuable for everyone.


During the webinar Oliver de Leeuw from checklinkedin.nl will share his tips & tricks on how to optimize your `Linked-In profile and use it as the valuable tool that it is.

3 lucky attendees get the opportunity to have their profile checked live during the webinar. If you want to be one of these lucky people, let us know in the sign up.