Every day is Women’s Day

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I remember when I was younger I had an annual discussion with my parents about the reason why there was a “Mother’s Day” and a “Father’s Day”, but not a “Children’s Day”. The response from my mom was the same each year: “It’s because all the other days of the year our Children’s Day.”

I’m still not sure if I agree with her, but let’s follow the analogy to present day:

We’ve been celebrating International Women’s Day since 1909. It all started in Russia and the US, but since 1975 it’s an official worldwide recognized day by the UN and in the last three years or so the popularity and awareness has grown exponential.

Similar to the festivities of Mother’s and Father’s Day, International Women’s Dy has become a great moment for a diversity of brands to proclaim their love and respect for women. International Women’s Day has turned into a week where mostly women can fill their time back to back with a whole scala of events, inspirational sessions and meetups with amazing speakers, topics and attendees.

So why isn’t The Next Women doing anything special these days? It’s because we believe that every day is Women’s Day!

If we have a look at the analogy of the first paragraph, if we only celebrate Women’s Day once a year does that then mean that all the other days of the year are Men’s Day?!


We make up around 50% of the world population. We need more than one day. We deserve more. We are worth more. We claim more.

So the following year we’ll be pushing the awesome women of our network more towards the spotlight. Share their stories, share your stories. We’re here to empower you 365 days a year, because equality means growth!

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