International Women’s Month – Day 22

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March 8 is International Women's Day.
The theme this year: Choose to Challenge.
Therefore, we'll be highlighting 5 challengers from the network every day this month.

Learn more about The Next Women Challengers.

Noelle Haitsma – Nanouk Holding

Exit entrepreneur, scale-up expert and impact investor.

Rolien van Groeningen – KSV Facilitair 

High quality cleaning service for every industry.

Julie Munneke – Baby Exchangerie 

High-quality baby products for a fixed amount per month. The best for your child and the best for the world.

Esther de Bruijn – Unite2Build 

Collecting, calculating and delivering the correct as-built 3D information, so that you can design and build on reliable information.

Lisa de Vries & Ashley Samwel – LuneActive 

An athleisure brand committed to creating technically innovative, fashion-forward athleisure wear for modern, natural and self-confident women, from business to sports ready.


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