International Women’s Month – Day 25

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March 8 is International Women's Day.
The theme this year: Choose to Challenge.
Therefore, we'll be highlighting 5 challengers from the network every day this month.

Learn more about The Next Women Challengers.

Simone van Erp – Team Rockstars IT

Happy developers / engineers make the biggest impact at companies. That is why Team Rockstairs IT is committed to 100% DevHappiness: happy developers, high impact.

Emily Jacometti – Flavour

Flavor enables playful learning, change and activation via Applied Gaming and Storytelling.

Ilja Visser – ILJA Suit Softs 

ILJA offers a collection of Suits and Softs for modern women that perfectly matches their dynamic and diverse lifestyle.
Andrea van Schoot – Van Schoot Pompcentrum

Quality and recognized craftsmanship since 1976.

Els van der Helm – Shleep

Offering workshops, assessments, coaching, and a unique and scalable sleep coaching app to help you, your workforce and/or coworkers sleep better – and be happier and more productive. 

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