International Women’s Month – Day 1

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March 8 is International Women's Day.
The theme this year: Choose to Challenge.
Therefore, we'll be highlighting 5 challengers from the network every day this month.

Learn more about The Next Women Challengers.

Esther Herber – 706 Seating Group

Redefining the way we sit in our offices with 5 different office chair labels

Jettie van Mourik – Keen Delivery

The unifying portal that helps you to send your package with the right delivery service

Marja Baas – My o My

The impact driven label for your beautiful leather bag created by empowered changemakers in Bangladesh

Sigrid Sijthoff – Kick your Habits

The chain of cliniques where you can fight every form of bad habit or addication you might have

Wendela de Goederen – Boxer in Blue

A unique swimwear line that offers a natural push up in their bathing suits and bikinis

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