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Meet Vanessa Buisman, Founder of Bindu.

“Bindu is translated as dot. It stands for the smallest particle in the universe, the starting point of all creation. It is also described as the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifest state”.

1) What is your mission?

“It’s my mission to help people with a (soul) mission to start, grow or innovate their business. To manifest their ideas with the aid of imagination and concept thinking. Social entrepreneurs and leaders I help with creative strategies and appealing concepts. For growth, more influence, new markets, visibility and innovation.”

2) What is your biggest lesson/tip/advice to share with others?

“Imperfect action. I have learned that it is better to start, go out there, be silly and create and learn form mistakes than be overwhelmed by perfection paralysis. And have fun!”

3) What is the meaning of success to you?

“Success to me personally is learning to master life. Direct thoughts and actions in a positive way to expand in joy, abundance and love. And inspiring and helping others to do the same.”

4) What values do you think make a good entrepreneur?

“Power to create, honesty, resilience, humbleness and a positive mindset.”

5) What impact do you make?

“The impact I aim to make is to change lives by helping people to manifest their ideas. I have used 2020 to make a turn around. Before I operated as an independent creative strategist and concept developer. But I found my creative energy was too much to use it for one or two big projects a year. So I decided to help as many people as I can by developing one-to-many programs which are just about ready.”

6) What is true inclusivity to you?

“Inclusivity is one of my main personal topics as my ancestors come from different social backgrounds from Indonesia, Armenia, France and The Netherlands. Therefore I find it easy to relate to people from all walks of life. In my opinion there are three main levers to be discussed. 1. We have to re-invent the word feminist, as hardly any man wants to be associated with a feminine and contaminated word. Because 2. The next feminist wave should be ignited by men. To take their responsibility and acknowledge and share their privileges. Abram de Swan wrote an interesting book about this. 3.25% of Dutch inhabitants are people with a migrant background. Meaning that we should strive to see this number in all positions that matter, where decisions are made and their followers are represented. Beginning with the perfection of Dutch language for all, as it is of uttermost importance to be taken seriously when it comes to positions with influence.”


Thank you so much Vanessa for sharing your thoughts and perspective with us! We’re so happy to have you as a member.

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