#MemberMonday – Danielle Janssen

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Meet Danielle Janssen, Founder of Growth Circle.

1) What is your mission?

Empower women worldwide to follow their dreams.

2) What is your biggest lesson / tip / advice to share with others?

Start building your circle of advisors and like-minded people to get advice from, as soon as possible. Friends and family are nice, but they probably won’t be able to help you on a professional level.

3) What is the meaning of success to you?

When I feel like I am putting in all the effort I’ve got, feel good about it and am seeing positive results.

4) What values do you think make a good entrepreneur?

Dare to try. Be more ambitious than you think you can be. Don’t give up. Stay positive.

5) What impact do you make?

Empower others, you can get really far by believing in yourself and just freaking do it.

6) What is true inclusivity for you?

Where color, gender, sexuality or where you come from is a non-issue. We’re all human. Let’s talk.


We’re very happy to have you as one of our members Danielle!

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