The Courses

It’s our mission to accelerate progress.

We do this by investing in female founders and by helping companies to actively build an environment of inclusion and equality. We use our knowledge, network and our capital to create a culture that allows for more authenticity, opportunities and growth.

It’s our vision that much more prosperity and abundance is possible when we progress into a culture of true equality. A culture of equal opportunities, of equal role models, equal investments, equal representation. A culture of equal power between men and women so we can grow much further, together.

Our programs are aimed to support you while you build, run and grow your company.

The Next Women - SACHA - Entrepreneur

Boardroom Sessions

The Boardroom Sessions are typically organized around specific themes or experiences and offer a rich environment for networking. These quarterly sessions offer PLATINUM members insightful masterclasses followed by networking & drinks.

Every Boardroom Sessions has it’s own topic with a focus on the next stage of your career as asuccessful entrepreneur or professional.


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Coaching Hours

The Coaching Hours are developed to offer our members access to one-on-one coaching by experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.

Every Coaching Hours has their own topic, making it in such a way that when attending the session you walk away with advice from multiple angles. Enabling you to really take that next step forward.


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Fempower your Growth

A program for highly driven female entrepreneurs and experienced bankers, focuses on personal development, growth and financial knowledge. It’s meant for owners, CEOs and directors of existing companies, who have the ambition to grow.
During this 3-day program, we unite the worlds of female entrepreneurs and bankers to better understand each other and determine the next steps for growth and development.


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Founders' Focus Club

A monthly mastermind session with your own group of max. 5 founders in a similar growth and development stage.

Club Sessions are built on trust, integrity and sharing. The club is most successful when you and your fellow founders will share sensitive information. It is important to understand that everything shared is in confidence. What is said within the club remains within the club.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


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The Next Women - YASEMIN - Investor

Funding Morning

The Funding Mornings are 4 sessions focussed on your investor readiness.
You’ll perfect your pitch deck, write your investor memorandum, learn about termsheets and practice your pitch.
Every cycle ends with you pitching your company in front of a panel of investors.


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