Boardroom Sessions

The Boardroom Sessions are typically organized around specific themes or experiences and offer a rich environment for networking. These quarterly sessions offer PLATINUM members insightful masterclasses followed by networking & drinks.

Every Boardroom Sessions has it’s own topic with a focus on the next stage of your career as asuccessful entrepreneur or professional.


The New Executive

June 23

The number of scale-ups is expanding. Consequently, there has been an increasing demand from scale-ups for experienced advice and guidance.

Scale-ups pursue high risk, innovative strategies and drive in the fast lane. So how can you make a positive difference as a scale-up board member?

And how can you, as an entrepreneur, get on the executive boardmember track?

We’re diving into it with our amazing speakers: Elfrieke van Galen – Non-executive boardmember Arcadis & Marline Stoffers – 360Careers

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Corporate Governance

October 8

Being a board member today is a very different role from being a senior executive and brings with it added complexity and unique responsibilities which are different from other management and operational roles. To successfully carry out a board mandate, directors must have a general overview of a company’s operational activities and corporate governance, including an understanding of its exposure to risk and strategic direction.

Board members continually face new challenges like diversity, sustainability and digital advancements. Dynamic and immersive learning allows you to understand the essential areas of the board – such as, architecture, structure, processes and the job market – thereby progressing into a board position with confidence.

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Strategy & Risk

December 15

Strategic risk management is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of enterprise risk management (ERM). While ERM has traditionally focused on financial and, more recently, operational risk, the fact is that strategic risk is far more consequential.

Studies of the largest public companies indicate that strategic risks account for approximately 60 percent of major declines in market capitalization. Operational risks have just half that impact (about 30 percent), and financial risks generate about 10 percent.

Relevant now, more than ever!

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