Funding Morning

The Funding Mornings are designed to help you become investor ready and after 4 sessions you pitch your company in front of a panel of investors.

We organize the Funding Mornings in a cycle of 5 modules – The perfect pitch deck, the investor memorandum, the termsheet, the pitch training, the pitch – which are repeated throughout the year.

How does it work?

1. You are member of The Next Women:

a. You sign up for the cycle, follow all the modules and get to pitch at the end.

If you are not a member then please book a meeting with us via the contact page.

Stefan van Duin

Investment Analyst

Hein de Jong


Pauline Wink


Claire Tange

Founder and CEO

Your Facilitators

Module 1 – by Stefan van Duin | INVESTMENT ANALYST | Borski Fund

Stefan van Duin is actively involved in selecting, analyzing and supporting the companies in the portfolio of Borski Fund.

He recently performed research to increase the accuracy and measurability of human capital evaluations in the venture capital decision-making process, in which the diversity of teams contributed as one of the main factors. He recently completed his study in Business Analysis & Modeling and obtained hands-on experience within two venture capital funds.

Module 2 – by Hein de Jong | CO-FOUNDER AND GO TO MARKET SPECIALIST | Ten Investments

Hein has built the business foundation of multiple consumer facing companies.

He is at his prime establishing and executing initial growth.

With a background in Saas and D2C propositions Hein automatically tends towards platform and digital solutions. As a company operator he supports founders in successful goto- market through activation and development of channels, proposition and business model.

His time at mobility-tech start-up Toogethr marked a career defining moment for Hein. Facing high churn and low product activity, Toogethr had a challenge of its own. Biased decision making in earlier experience drove him to build the company customer and data centric. In high pace execution, proposition, product and channels were pivoted, backed by multiple data points including interviews of 800+ unique users.

Module 3 – Claire Tange | CO-FOUNDER AND CEO | Joanna Invests’s Angels

Claire is the founder and CEO of Joanna Invests, a community of female investors investing in female founders that change the world. 

She has over almost 15 years of experience in finance, starting her career as an investment banker in London. She was the first CFO of Fastned (now listed on Euronext) and Head of Finance at Dott, where she was part of the team that launched operations in 6 countries and 15 cities in 18 months. As financial consultant she has advised many start- and scale ups and is passionate about companies that make the world a better place.


Managing Partner and co-founder of 4impact, a digital tech4good venture capital fund.

4impact invests in and supports visionary entrepreneurs who we believe will deliver meaningful, intentional and measurable societal and sustainable impact, combined with generating a compelling financial return.

Our focus is early stage (seed – series A) businesses who operate in the areas of economic inclusion, environment and health & wellbeing and have an ambition and potential to scale internationally.

The perfect pitch deck

Your pitch deck, basically your business plan in an attractive, clean-cut, insightful and persuasive presentation.
There’s different tools and different versions to create the perfect deck.

Is it your first point of contact with a potential investor?
Or did you already have one or more conversations and is it time to dive into the details?

During this one hour course we talk you through the basics, teach you what’s absolutely vital and what’s the difference between your business plan, pitch deck and investor deck.

Everything you need to start your funding round.

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The investment memorandum

The investment memorandum is a legal document that a company presents to potential investors to explain the objectives, risks, and investment terms surrounding a funding round.

This includes financial statements, management biographies, company details, and many more items that help give a detailed view of the business and financial plan going forward.

It’s a short document, about 20–30 pages, which highlights the most important aspects and opportunities your investment offers.

It’s very similar to your pitch deck, which you would have used as a visual cue to support your pitch.

The main difference is your IM will be much meatier. It will include more analysis, projections and explanation than you could possibly reveal in your pitch without boring your investors to tears.

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The termsheet

Time to negotiate!
A term sheet is a nonbinding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made. It serves as a template to develop more detailed legally binding documents. Once the parties involved reach an agreement on the details laid out in the term sheet, a binding agreement or contract that conforms to the term sheet details is then drawn up.

So what should definetly be in there? What are some pitfalls to be aware off?

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The pitch training

You might have all the confidence in the world already, but stepping in front of investors to convince them to invest in your company is another thing!

Next to that female founders have to deal with prevention questions, instead of promotion questions.

We prepare you for all of this and more!


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The pitch

The moment’s here: we’ve put together a panel of investors. Angel investors, investment managers from different banks, crowdfunding platforms and venture capital funds. Tailored to your business.

Every entrepreneur get’s 3 minutes to pitch followed by a 5 minute Q&A.

No garuanteed funding (of course), but the change to pitch, connect and who knows what else!

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