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Investing in diverse teams (because it just makes sense)

Right now, a culture of equal representation and power for women is needed to grow further, together. Entrepreneurs who have attracted risk capital are looking at a ratio between men and women of 93% – 7%, respectively. For investors, this ratio is 95% men and – 5% women. We believe a stimulus is necessary to balance this ratio.

The aim of the The Next Women Fund I was and is to offer a platform for female investors to jointly invest. This way, we encourage entrepreneurship and build a global movement of progress-driven leadership.

With the joined venture of  Startgreen Capital & The Next Women, the Borski Fund is contuining on this path.
Investing in the growth stage of women-led companies.

Looking for investment?

We have 2 ways in which we help founders with their investment need:

  1. Through a membership of The Next Women you receive access to our Funding Morning Program.
    Next to that you have the chance to share your pitch with our network of investors. Our team does this on-demand and even helps you perfect your pitch.
  2. Following The Next Women Fund I, The Next Women launched the Borski Fund in October 2019 in a joined venture with Startgreen Capital.
    The motto of the Borski Fund is “Success has no gender”.At Borski we believe in diversity, gender equality and fair opportunities.
    We invest in female entrepreneurs because we want to build good companies with them, because their talent needs to be used better, because we are their natural partner, because we have the network that is important to them.

    Because it is important that innovation is stimulated by female entrepreneurs.
    Do you have a start-up or growth company that has the potential to (further) grow?

    And does the team (partly) consist of one or more women, who run the company and also hold shares in the company?

    Or do you have a company that focuses on women? And are you looking for venture capital?Then we would like to know more about you, your team and your plans.
    Would you like to know immediately what we can do for you?

    Let’s connect!


How does it work?

Step 1

We ask companies who are looking for an investment to become a member. This way, not only can we get to know you, but you will also be introduced to our network of investors and our partner the Borski Fund.
A stable connection grows into a more sustainable partnership, over the years.

Step 2

It’s our mission to kickstart your growth. To be able to do so we connect you to the investors in our network, such as the Borski Fund and/or the angels from the first The Next Women Crowd Fund (currently in exit).

Step 3

When there’s an interest, you are invited to meet and present in front of our investors. Grow into a role model for other thriving women and attract a bigger network & capital.

For more information, please feel free to contact rixt@thenextwomen.com


Our mission is two-fold: strengthening female entrepreneurs and increasing the number of female investors.

"In 2014 I was looking for a venture (€5-€10M in annual turnover) who 1) needed operational/financial support and 2) offered the possibility to invest. Through my TheNextWomen membership, I came into contact with a company that fulfilled both of these requirements.”

Pauline Rengers
Entrepreneur / investor

"Running and growing your business by yourself is challenging and inefficient. Finding the right co-founder was a challenge. Thanks to TheNextWomen and their great events, I came into contact with the right person. She helped me to restructure my company and was a valuable shareholder."

Inez van Oord
Exit entrepreneur LINQ

"Becoming a member of the TheNextWomen Network is one of the best choices that I’ve made as an entrepreneur in getting my swimwear business Boxer in Blue to the next level. My membership opened many doors to mentors and experts, and has resulted in accelerated exposure and increasing brand awareness."

Wendela de Goederen
Boxer in Blue