The Partners

The Power of Partnerships

Expand your employees’ network and profit from our global community of 10,000+ leadership-ready women. At The Next Women, we share our knowledge, stories and insights to empower and activate people. Everything we do has the aim to drive more growth. Want to create new possibilities too?
Join us. Increase your business potential by connecting with future clients by becoming a partner of The Next Women.

It’s time that gender-balanced teams and equitable funding practices become common household terms, not just esoteric news items.

Together with critical stakeholders from both the public and the private sector TheNextWomen is bringing real change to the forefront and is the pioneer in doing so! We work with boardrooms, municipalities, ministries, banks, VCs, accelerate programs, and knowledge institutions to help them bridge the gap. Every partnership consists of both a financial and content-providing commitment.

Together with our partners we want to build a lasting and sustainable relationships whereby it is important to create new role models, exchange knowledge and experience between entrepreneurs and technical minded people, get more women in leadership position, attract more female talent and boost SMEs.


  • Your logo on our website
  • Funding Morning
  • Coaching Hours


  • Your logo on our website
  • Open Office Hours
  • Founder Focus Group
  • Funding Morning
  • Coaching Hours
  • Boardroom Sessions


  • Your logo on our website
  • Open Office Hours
  • TNW100 Diner
  • TNW Summit

Why you should be a partner of TheNextWomen

  • You get to expand your employees' network through our community of 10,000+ founders
  • You will scout ambitious, dedicated women to recruit for your own talent pool
  • You get to increase your business potential by connecting with future clients
  • You will stimulate a culture of high-growth performance in your team and have the option to train your team to innovate and champion their ideas by improving their expertise and connecting team members with entrepreneurial women
  • You get to increase the productivity of your company through a diverse workforce (diversity equals growth)
  • You can choose to be an expert at TheNextWomen Coaching Hours & Funding Mornings
  • You can host sessions for TheNextWomen members at your office
  • You will receive social media promotion & cross promotional content on TheNextWomen website
  • You get to be a partner at almost all the events, including a feature of your logo on all event content

Our Partners