The Next Investor Class: Our Trainers’ Perspective

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Tha main take-out points and observations of our trainers after the first Next Investor Class

After the completion of the first Next Investor Class, we have decided to ask our trainers – Annegien Blokpoel, Yasemin Tumer and Sache Engels – a few questions about their own experience of the first round of the class. What surprised them, what did they think of the participants, what were main take-out points of the several meetings? What promises does the future hold?

Here’s what our trainers shared withus.

They were surprised by the astonishing potential of the women who participated in the class, struck by their willingness to explore whether informal investment could become an essential part of their asset management. At the same time, however, the trainers were surprised to observe that although most of the women intended to generate income from investing, they did not realize its costs time and some seemed to undervalue the energy it would require.

Our trainers believe it is of the utmost importance that women get involved in investment as 95% of today’s informal investors are men. Women have given away financial management to men for too long. Even when in possession of money, they tend to assign their husbands, fathers or brothers with the responsibility, or leave it in the hands of investment managers (who are also mainly constituted by men) and simply receive some monthly allowance, which causes women to be unaware of how their capital is managed. All trainers stressed the fact that a change is urgently needed, not only for equality matters, but also because when women enter the world of investment, they invest in impact four times more than men. Hence, if more women invest, we could combine forces and create a more sustainable world much more quickly.

Our trainers considered the participants an open, curious, diverse, intersted and clever group with great investor potential,  who seemed to be able to professionalize rapidly into serious angels. Although the participants seemed to know little about the mechanisms of investing, they asked good questions, presented a hands-on approach and were open to learn and discover.

Annegien, Sacha and Yasemin encourage women to subscribe to the next round of The Next Investor Class in order to have the chance to quickly grasp the basics and mechanics of angel investing and identify their own angel profile. In addition, the class gives a broader scope in the possibilities of managing assets, it improves independent thinking abilities and provides suggestions as to whether informal investment suits you. Furthermore, it is fundamental to realize how much women can do with their capital. Not only to their own profit, but for innovation and entrepreneurial minds, who want to make the world a better place. What better way of doing it than a concrete involvement in an initiative that can use your capital to grow and create more impact?

Together you can multiply. Learning how to do that with your own time and money is fun, productive and very rewarding. And last but not least: investing is something you can do on your own, but it’s so much more fun to do it together!

Finally, all trainers agreed on the fact that one of the main benefits of The Next Investor Class, in addition to the knowledge and practical advice it provides, is the possibility to always have access to the trusted advisors of the precious TheNextWomen Network.

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