The Next Investor Class

– An introduction into angel investment


A 3-Day course to get you started on your next career as an informal investor.


When women control the funds, more women will receive investments.


Next edition September 7 -14-21


For women who are looking to get more confidence about investing. Whether you’re starting or already started. This program provides you the tools and insights to become a confident, independent investor – supported by a network of other women (of course).


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The program is a combination of:

💥 In-depth masterclasses, covering the basics of informal investing

💥 Mentoring, 1-on-1 support from experienced investors (add-on)

💥 Investing, after the basic modules participants can sign up for an add-on which allows them to be put in an angel club where in the following 5 months they work towards their first investment. With bi-weekly group calls with their mentor and receiving opportunities from the Fundright-network

Starting 4x a year
3 Week Course + a comeback moment to discuss your first investment opportunity

The Next Women - YASEMIN - Investor

Why specifically for women?

Experience has tought us that when women don’t feel properly educated, they experience risk as something negative.

They programs already out there are not tailored to the needs and asks of women.

But we need women to become part of the investor landscape for us to be able to tip the scale and make an impact.


Week 1 – The Fundamentals

– How does it work?
– Valuations & Investment Stages
– Criteria to fund

Week 2 – How to

– Alternatives to VC Funding
– Sourcing opportunities; crossborder
– Evaluating the company

Week 3 – Deal Mechanics

– Due Diligence
– The Term Sheet & legal docs
– The Cap Table


Your online angel club with the other participants and an experienced angel for monthly calls and support
Plus, you will receive montly propositions through The Next Women network.

Focus on:
Your own investment strategy
Getting your deal flow
How to build a portfolio
How to exit
Crossborder investments

You're the future of funding

Sign up for the next class starting February 2021

Participaton fee members: €997 ex. VAT for the 3 course days
Participaton fee non-members: €1.447 ex. VAT including your PRO membership and access to the online angel club

“Empowered women empower everyone”

Next edition: September 7 / 14 / 21

The Next Women - SACHA - Entrepreneur

Why The Next Women?

The Next Women is the expert in the Netherlands on investing in women-led companies by female business angels

In 2014 we launched The Next Women Fund I:
80 female investors who’ve invested in 30+ companies

In 2019 we launched the Borski Fund together in a joint venture with Startgreen Capital:
The first Dutch Venture Capital fund investing in women & diverse teams

As part of our membership we organize quarterly investment ready sessions, our Funding Mornings;
in 2 years we’ve educated over 150 female entrepreneurs & matched them to potential investors.

We also collaborate on an annual basis with Dutch Embassies for our international Pitch & Sourcing Program – in Argentina, Israel, Portugal, France, Belgium, the UK & the Netherlands. More than 500 founders each year.

The network of The Next Women is build with the help of leading female founders & investors, such as:

Sacha Engels – Engels Holding
Yasemin Tumer – RYT Holding
Annegien Blokpoel – Perspexo
Aletta Stas-Bax – Frederique Constant
Simone Brummelhuis – the Borski Fund
Laura Rooseboom – Startgreen Capital
Jolanda Degen – Darwin Invest
Pauline Wink – 4Impact VC
Silla Scheepens – S2 Capital
Sheila Struyck – Chimaera Ventures

Many many more …