Fempower your growth

This program for highly driven female entrepreneurs and experienced bankers, focuses on personal development, growth and financial knowledge. It’s meant for owners, CEOs and directors of existing companies, who have the ambition to grow. During this 5-day program, we bring together the worlds of female entrepreneurs and bankers to better understand each other and determine the next steps for growth and development.


Fempower your growth

This means

Being empowered with knowledge and skills in the fields of finance, strategy, networking and personal development;
Working on your own business case, guided and coached by highly experienced female mentors;
Being prepared to take the next ambitious step with(in) your company.

Challenges you might be familiar with

Being unsure what opportunities there are to realize the growth of your company.
Finding it a challenge to take your organization to the next level.
Sometimes missing the knowledge on certain subjects that might help you further.
Not having a good understanding of diverse financial strategies.
Wanting to meet people who can guide you in terms of content.


Participation in the Fempower Your Growth program costs € 999.- excluding VAT. You can pay this amount at once or choose to pay it in 3 installments of €349.- excluding VAT. With this last option you pay a total of €1,047. – excluding VAT.

The next step

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We are currently working on the creation of more programs facilitating growth.

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