Why The Next Women?

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A list of 10 reasons why you should join the community of The Next Women

Because it’s time for an equal world where impact matters!

Joining the network of The Next Women gives you the opportunity to build your company, connect with like-minded women, learn about investment and kick some ass.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why you should join now (especially now):


1. Community

The Next Women is strong community of inspiring entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. Everyone needs a strong community around her, to find support, get inspiration and keep the motivation.
During COVID-19 our community is also there for each other when it comes to the  impact of the daily stress, struggles and chaos of stay-at-home life.

By joining The Next Women community, you get to be part of a group of people who want to help each other, whether that is socially or professionally. Our common goal is working towards a world of equal opportunity where opportunity and success are just as accessible for women as for men.

More about our community: https://thenextwomen.com/the-network/

2. Networking

Yup, networking. We all know how important it is for our business, but there’s still not to many of us out there who actually enjoy it. That’s where The Next Women steps in. We’ve created a space where like-minded women can find each other and connect through our Founders’ Focus Club & Monday Morning Coffees.

Looking to extend your network with people higher up the ranks? Attend our Coaching Hours and sit down for 1-on-1 conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from the community.

Already at that level? Be an expert during these sessions, join your own Focus Club and attend our specially designed Boardroom Sessions.

You’ll develop long-lasting relationships, find an extra resource library, improve your creative intellect, receive newer opportunities and exchange ideas.

3. Coaching

There are key advantages to coaching. When you don’t have the experience or knowledge on how to best succeed, coaching can help you build new skills faster.

As a leader, there are benefits to being a coach and sharing your knowledge.
You build a relationship with a new generation and get to be part of innovation and change.

We facilitate coaching via our quarterly Coaching Hours and one-on-one on-demand.

4. (Online) events

Members get access to our member only events;

Next to that members receive a discount on our larger events:

Until July 1 we will be hosting everything online, after that time we will gradually start hosting more offline events again.

Not sure if this is your community? Reach out to us and we will discuss the possibility for you to attend a member event so you can get a better feel of the network.

5. Relevant information

As member of our network you will receive a constant stream of relevant, inspirational and actionable information. About topics that are meaningful for entrepreneurs such as the new measures by the government for entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisis, but also relevant events, news bulletins and updates.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter (for free) to stay up to date: https://thenextwomen.com/movement/

6. Inspiration

Already mentioned a few times, but yes, joining The Next Women will inspire you in many different ways. By meeting other ambitious entrepreneurs, by challenging your business, by attending in-depth masterclasse, by receiving motivating content, by connecting with role models and so much more. Let yourself be inspired and discover new ideas, people and solutions.

7. Matchmaking

A network is all fun and games, but if you’re not meeting the right people you won’t get any value from it. That’s why the team of The Next Women takes the time to get to know you and your business, so we’re able to match you to the right person at the right time.

Looking for an investor? Meet our angels
Struggling with a legal matter? Have a chat with one of our members who happens to be a lawyer
In need of some accountability? Here’s your own Focus Club to keep you on track
Ready for the next step in your career? We know who’s looking for (non)executive board members

8. Funding

Oh yes, the moneymaker! Since the inception of The Next Women Crowd Fund back in 2014 – the only Dutch fund committed to solely investing in women-led companies – one of the USP’s of The Next Women has been our opportunity to directly invest in our community. Even though the Fund has made its last investment in 2019, we haven’t stopped with our mission to close the funding gap. We activate our network of angels for all interesting opportunities put forward by our members, we organize quarterly Funding Mornings where you get to pitch in front of a live investor panel and we are one of the co-founders of the Borski Fund – the Venture Capital fund that invests in diverse teams.

Looking for funding? Look no further!

9. Investment opportunities

Same goes for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. As one of the co-founders of #Fundright we are committed to bridge the funding gap. Because women built amazing companies and investors are always looking for the next great hit. When becoming a PLATINUM member of industry partner, you’ll receive investment opportunities tailored to your specific funding profile.

10. Equality

Last, but certainly not least the mission of The Next Women is to build a world of equality where women entrepreneurs receive the same opportunities to succeed as our male colleagues. By joining our community you’re actively supporting the mission. You’re part of the change, because equality = growth!


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