Working Wonders Talks – Episode 14

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A thematic table talk about all things life, work and wonderous. Theme: Politics of Change

Politics of Change

One must never underestimate the role of the political economy and its influence on a business strategy. Government and regulation are the directors of the global economic theatre. The interconnectedness of which means that decisions in one part of the world have a rippling effect on the other. There are copycat actions by other governments and measures of trade retaliation and protectionism. There is a perception that the lowering of standards in one region or country means it is allowed in another region or country. All create risks for business and the economy.

The first critical step is to send up a weather balloon to size up the government and politicians, the ideologies and the influencing factors. Then it is to decipher the linguistics and the meaning of their words. The translations and what the resultant impacts will be on people and the economy.

When looking at any national or international shift or change in policy the intellectual thread is always the same. It follows the same set of questions: What do they mean? What is the impact? Who benefits and who loses out? Where are the connections at a micro and a macro level? The policy decisions and the shifts between the left and the right of politics are the changes that influence an economy.


Awura Abena // Creative Women Collective
Moulsari Jain // B-A-D for GOOD
Niki van Wijk // Due North Consultancy

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