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Let’s Entertain Consumption

The hospitality and the retail sectors are facing existential threats due to the coronavirus shutdown.
Already “The Great Recession taught retailers that the old mantra was dead”, says Maisnik. “‘If you build it, they will come’ may work in the movies but not for increasing retail sales. There were just too many stores and they were boring, outmoded and couldn’t attract shoppers. The drivers for adding hotels to retail projects have not changed in the last 10 years but the force of the drivers and their impact has increased tremendously. Failure to adopt and grow to meet consumers’ desires can be the death knell for retailers.”

But now consumers can’t actually meet and our consumer needs are left unmet. How to cope with this as entrepreneurs in this sector?

We Wonder How?


Maaike Reuvers – Editor in Chief Food Inspiration & Co-founder WeCanteen
Marie van Niekerk – Former Creative Director BOS Brands
Hans Meyer – Co-founder Zoku

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