Working Wonders Talks – Episode 8

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A thematic table talk about all things life, work and wonderous.

Borders or Boundaries

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By how much do borders impede trade? It has been a major objective of research in international trade to identify the frictions that hinder the integration of markets, and many policymakers across the globe are keen on reducing them.
While much attention has been focused on international borders, research has found domestic border effects as well. For example, research found that after controlling for economic size, distance and a number of additional determinants, trade within individual US states is significantly larger than trade between US states. Similarly, research finds that domestic trade within the average EU country is about ten times larger than trade with another EU country.
How do we look at our trade relations now? As we have physical limitations, yet fast growing digital explorations?

We Wonder How?


Annemieke Broesterhuizen – Manager International Entrepreneurship RVO
Suzanne Haeck – Director MaximaVida
Lotte Leufkens – Founder CloudCuddle


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