Fashion & Digitalization: Lieke Pijpers

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In occasion of this year's coincidence of Fashion Revolution Week and Girls in ICT Day (April 22), we have interviewed some of our members working in fashion and asked about their view on the digitalization of their business. More specifically, we talked about the role of e-commerce in today's fashion world. Here, Lieke Pijpers, Co-founder and CPO of The Next Closet, shares her perspective.

1) How big of a role does technology – and more specifically e-commerce – play in your business?

“The Next Closet is an online marketplace for second hand designer fashion. Technology is at the core of our business; our tech-driven e-commerce platform enables us to achieve our mission to make second hand designer fashion first choice.”

2) What do you think about the evolution of e-commerce, especially since the pandemic started?

“I think e-commerce is almost inevitable in these modern times, in which people choose convenience. I’m happy to be part of this ‘evolution’ with The Next Closet, so we could spread our sustainable mission even further.”

3) What difficulties did you encounter while using e-commerce in your business and what advantages did it bring you?

“First, you have to find a way to draw customers to your online platform. But once you have found it, you can reach a lot of customers and make a big impact.”

4) In your opinion, what are the necessary elements for any e-commerce to be successful?

“Listen to your customers and translate their needs and wants in the best possible way in your product.”

5) What do you think of the future of e-commerce?

“By looking at the younger generations (f.i. GenZ) it’s clear that ecommerce will continue to grow and can no longer be ignored in all sectors.”

6) What tips would you give to women entrepreneurs who are trying to include/amplify an e-commerce section in their business?

“Both women and men I would advise, when starting any kind of ecommerce business, to take sustainable impact as a starting point for success.”

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