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We've been on a mission to accelerate your progress and business for the last 10 years.

It's important, and sometimes a challenge, to surround yourself with like-minded successful women entrepreneurs.

Connecting with entrepreneurs:
Who understand you. Who know what it means to start, grow and run a business. Who get that you need to make sacrifices. Who believe in supporting each other.
A place and a space where you can be yourself, with your success stories, but also with your insecurities. Because we all have them.

Power of Partnerships

Together with critical stakeholders from both the public and the private sector TheNextWomen is bringing real change to the forefront and is the pioneer in doing so! We work with boardrooms, municipalities, ministries, banks, VCs, accelerate programs, and knowledge institutions to help them bridge the gap. Every partnership consists of both a financial and content-providing commitment.

We are building lasting and sustainable relationships whereby it is important to create new role models, exchange knowledge and experience between entrepreneurs and technical minded people, get more women in leadership position, attract more female talent and boost SMEs.

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The Next Women X

StellarUp is a powerful platform that connects individuals and organizations.Their goal is to enable better knowledge sharing through structured and unstructured learning tools such as mentor programs, e-learning academies, online resource libraries, and community solutions. Together with The Next Women they've build The Next Women Platform. The online space to connect all women entrepreneurs of the Netherlands and beyond.

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As a member of TheNextWomen, you join a community of ambitious women building their own successful companies. Everything we do, we do to connect you to amazing people, valuable knowledge & great inspiration. We believe anything is possible when the right connections are made. That’s why we act as the entrepreneurial matchmaker. Join The Next Women Platform and meet peers, mentors, investors and a supportive group of thriving women. Both on- and offline.

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