This year it's all about AMBITION at TheNextWomen Summit

Come meet, connect, learn, and help your career and business get to the next level of success!

See you at B.Amsterdam - Johan Huizingalaan 763A Amsterdam!


Keynote Stage - Ambition Talks


Opening by chairwoman Marianne Zwagerman


Chantal Janzen - Founder &C

All or Nothing
Chantal just launched her 360° mediaplatform &C. Next to entertainment, this platform offers a steppingstone to young and new creative talent. Chantal talks strategy, marketing and her drive to start &C.
So be on time!

Prince Constantijn van Oranje - Interview

Scaling up Ambition
As Special Envoy of StartupDelta Prince Constantijn is on a mission to strengthen, connect and grow the thriving startup ecosystem of the Netherlands. Together with Sarah Lear - Co-founder Nextdoor and Ilse Kamps – CEO Catawiki, Prince Constantijn will explore the right scale up strategy for international success!

Ilse Kamps - CEO Catawiki

Sarah Leary Co-Founder and VP of marketing and operations Nextdoor

Sarah Leary - Co-founder & VP Nextdoor



David Allen – Author Getting Things Done

Get the most out of your Ambition
Being ambitious and being successful are two different things. Learning how to focus your ambition is the key to success and David has mastered this technique. Telling all about the tips & tricks from his bestseller Getting Things Done.

Eva Jinek

Ambition in the spotlight
How is it that when you turn on your tv and watch a news or opinion show you rarely see female entrepreneurs and professionals at the table? What are the tips and tricks to get your ambition and business on everyone’s screen? Ms. Jinek will give you the answer.


Lex Peters

Change the world
Just a little drop of vinegar is the solution to one of the most killing diseases among women. Let Lex convince you how easy it is to change the world!

12:30-13:30 LUNCHTIME


Michael Kliger - CEO

Love what you do and set your global ambitions
As former VP of Ebay’s Europe and Asia Pacific regions, Michael Kliger was the perfect choice to become MyTheresa’s new CEO in 2015. He will share how the mytheresa team is pursuing their global ambitions while making sure that the soul and the heart of the company is focused on the customer.

Mieke Veldhuis – CCO Bugaboo

Grow with your Ambition
A lot can change in a company in 15 years. Just ask Mieke and Madeleen. These two ambitious women have been part of the Bugaboo empire since the early beginning. They share their knowledge of aligning your ambition with the ambition of your company and turning your business into a global success.

Madeleen Klaasen – CMO Bugaboo


Dr. Nupur Kohli

Great Ambition, Great responsibility
With great ambition, comes great responsibility and maybe even a little stress. There is a balance between stress and ambition that provides you with the drive to go that extra mile. The consequences may be disastrous, when it gets out of balance.

14:45-15:15 Panel Innovation & Renewal

As a business it is important to constantly revamp your ambition. Innovation and renewal are two strategies to incorporate. But how do you compete with a startup when you are the size of a 2000 store giant? And how much change can you practice without losing your core identity?

15:15-15:35 BREAK


Caterina Occhio – Founder/Owner SeeMe

Ethics & Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship is a hot topic. But when you turn on your tv and watch the news or opinion show you rarely see female entrepreneurs and professionals at the table?

Willemijn Verloop – Founder Social Enterprise NL

15:55-16:25 Panel The next Uber(?)

Tech is a vital part of our future and everyone wants to be the next Uber and Airbnb. These women might even get there with their startups, but what are their challenges?

Pitch Competition Final

Ambition on the rise
The final of our international Pitch Competition with the 5 finalists pitching for eternal glory and great prizes.

Maartje Frederiks - CEO HelloFresh Benelux

Take that chance
In 2011, at the age of 26, Maartje took a chance. Offered the job of CEO for HelloFresh Benelux, she went for it. Today she share her knowledge on starting up a brand in a new market and the challenges that you might face.

Winner Pitch Final


100 & TheNextWomen to Watch

Established Ambition
Announcement of the 100 most successful female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and the 25 entrepreneurs we need to watch for the future.

18:00 Networking & Drinks

Sponsored by Karmijn Kapitaal

19:00 100x100 Dinner

Learning Lab

Workshops that focus on entrepreneurs and their ambition to grow their company to the next level

Kees de Jong - nlgroeit

The Growth Formula
Dutch serial entrepreneur, coach and investor deciphers the growth formula for starting entrepreneurs, together with Heleen Dura-van Oord, Zakenvrouw van ’t jaar 2013/Co-founder of DQ&A Media Group & partner at Peak Capital and Colinda Hoegee, managing director Holland&Barrett (previous De Tuinen), after which you will get to discuss your growth plans with these experts in table sessions.

Heleen Dura-van Oord - Co-founder of DQ&A Media Group


Colinda Hoegee - managing director Holland & Barrett


Natascha Klootsema -

10 Years of Ambition
Natascha Klootsema started 10 years ago with her partner Marije Mulder and is now looking back on the highs and lows of creating a successful e-commerce platform and looking ahead to the future of Flavourites
Maarten Korz

Maarten Korz - Innovatiemanager Rabobank

The Future is our future
Innovation, digital transformation, new business models … probably you’ve heard about these topics lately, but what does it mean and what can we learn from a bank? Please join the discussion in our afternoon session.

Wouter van den Berg - The Facebook Fast Track

Take it to the next level
Facebook is running several programs across EMEA with the goal to fast track businesses to new heights utilizing Facebook’s platforms. This session is offering a unique sneak peek into scaling your business and discuss together with a Facebook expert.

Hosted by: Wouter van den Berg

Celine Doornink - Co-founder & CMO Headroom

Manage the Ambition
Making most of your time is essential for growth and success. In this workshop, you'll learn what your ideal week looks like and how you can actually achieve the things you set out for yourself. Céline is co-founder of Headroom Assistance and works with Entrepreneurs such as Willemijn Verloop, Arthur Kosten and the founders of Bloomon, ID&T and CitizenM. She founded Headroom Assistance with the belief that success and happiness comes from doing what you love and what you’re good at. Together with her business partner Kristel and her team of awesome Assistants, Céline helps Entrepreneurs to reach their goals and successfully manage their balancing act.

Business Class

Workshops that help professionals get their career to the next level

Dr. Laura van 't Veer - Professor UCSF

Excellent knowledge, excellent ambition
How do you turn academic research and knowledge into a successful business while combining teaching, publishing, and doing the actual research? Dr. Van ’t Veer is professor at the University of California in San Francisco and she combines her academic work with her company Agendia. Where she develops The MammaPrint and made it the fastest growing breast cancer recurrence assay with which she has helped over 48,000 patients from almost 50 countries.

Alma Krug - Heijmans

Workforce of the future
Everyday, these two women drive change to the workforce and the digital workspaces of the future. Find out what the workforce of the future is going to look like and what this will mean for your business and career.

Lieke Hamers – Microsoft


Dr. Els van der Helm - Shleep

Sleep to be ambitious
Ambition is a necessary part of becoming successful, but so is sleep. When you miss 8 hours of sleep in a week you’re actually in a state similiar to being drunk. Sleep management is important for our performance. The training program developed by dr. Van der Helm is already used by world leaders such as McKinsey and Facebook and she is here to tell you, you are next!

Jennifer Janson - MyBusinessBookclub

Read it & Do it
As ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals we’re always looking for new ideas to enhance our knowledge. That’s why Jennifer Janson started MyBusinessBookclub. To provide us with the literature that will feed our ambition. The top 5 to read in 2017? Jennifer will tell you.

Class of the Future

Sessions for TNW100 & TNWCF

Jeroen van Muiswinkel - Sustainable Business Developer Rabobank

The Future is our future
Circular economy, cradle-2-cradle, circular business models … probably you’ve heard about these topics lately, but what does it mean and what role can a bank play? Please join the discussion in our morning workshop

How to land a non-executive job

Hemingway - TheNextWomen100 exclusive
As an entrepreneur you haven’t climbed the well-known corporate ladder, so it might be hard for you to get that non-executive position on the board. In most cases you are not even considered. Hemingway is here to help.

15:20-16:00 The Successful Exit

Now more than ever, female entrepreneurs successfully sell their companies. Let TheNextWomen100 members show you the strategy behind a successful exit!

Office Hours


Expert Tables

Ambition Answered
Questions regarding marketing – tech – funding – strategy – recruitment?
Sit down with Bugaboo, EY, Elsevier Juist and ask them!
Registration opens May 12.

1 on 1’s

Fulfill your Ambition
Questions regarding marketing – tech – funding – strategy – recruitment?
Ask our CEO's, VC's and Managing Partners from TheNextWomen100 and expertise partners.
Talk 1-1 with Hélène Hoogeboom, Tineke Sluiter, Bianca van der Lee and many more.
Registration opens May 19.

1 on 1’s

Fulfill your Ambition
Questions regarding marketing – tech – funding – strategy – recruitment?
Ask our CEO's, VC's and Managing Partners from TheNextWomen100 and expertise partners.
Talk 1-1 with Hélène Hoogeboom, Tineke Sluiter, Bianca van der Lee and many more.
Registration opens May 19.