The Next Women to Watch

You cannot become what you cannot see. That is why The Next Women is creating visibility for strong female role models. This is the 5th edition of The Next Women to Watch; the 50 most promising female founders looking to make it into TheNextWomen100 within the next 3 years.

This list was launched on November 30, 2020.




Anne Nieboer – Over/Nieuw
Anouk Vos – RevNext
Anouk Binkhuysen – Faqta
Barbara Barends – Helden Magazine
Barbara van Erp – Snippet Media
Carla Suijkerbuijk – The SHOEGE
Charissa Koster – DayOne Legal
Charlotte van Straten – CharlyCares
Charlotte van Leeuwen – Bord&Stift
Daphne Gerritse – RAIN Couture
Diana Krieger – GoodUp
Eline Stiphout- Stiphout Plastics
Emma van Straaten – Voyar La Rue
Esmée van de Vorle – ENS Clean Energy
Esther Goos – Scooperz
Esther van der Helm – Shleep


Floor van Rooy – Parfumado
Gemma Broekhuis – Milestone
Graciella van Vliet & Chantal van der Velde – Closure
Ida Rinsampessy – GimsGiy
Ingrid van Oord & Britt Kreeft – Bring at Work
Isabel Boerdam – Green Food Lab
Jacintha Baas – Sustainer Homes
Jacqueline Vizee – MAAK
Liesbeth Gouwens & Marleen Basart – BitesWeLove
Linda Bot – Loveli
Lisette Weersink – SPRING Today
Malou Kok – Ubrush!
Manon Beurskens – Monty
Manouk de Vries – Supercilium
Mariah Mansvelt – Yoni
Mei Ling Tan – House of Einstein
Melanie Bosveld – Kult&Ace


Naomi Bisschop – Vughtse Wijnkoperij
Nicole Solleveld & Aleid Haenen – Your Connector
Rachel Persoon – Typhoon Hospitality
Sandra Ronde – De Streekboer
Saskia Geraerds – Huize Koningsbosch
Sharon Klaver – We Are Builders
Sigrid Sijthoff – Kick Your Habits
Sophie van Dijk – GC Companion
Sukai Ceesay – Royal Blue & Orange Trading
Tanja Lindeboom & Laura Notten – The Giftmakers
Tessa Duste – HRBS
Vanessa Erasmus – Little Indians
Veerle Smit & Romee Snijders – Compendium Geneeskunde
Wendy Bogers – Ligo
Willemijn Schneyder – Swipeguide
Willemijn den Boer – van der Wild – Veehouderij den Boer – de Twee Hoeven VOF

The Next Women to Watch 2020

Are you a female founder with a turnover of €500K – €2M with the ambition to grow? Or do you know an incredible female founder that should definitely be more visible?

For the next list we’re always scouting female founders to potentially be part of the list.
Because you can become what you can see. So the more rolemodels the better.
Women, time to lead!

Nominate a female entrepreneur