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We care about our members and as August is all about wellness and wellbeing at TNW, we decided to highlight the members who delight in all that is necessary to keep the self happy and healthy. Our network consists of plentiful entrepreneurs who understand the importance of care. Get inspired!

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One of the key features for members to sign up with The Next Women is to create a moment for yourself to focus on the relationship you build with your company. Entrepreneurial Wellness is an important, but slightly underrated, part of that relationship. In september we organise a special edition of our Founders Focus for women that work in the beauty and health industry. Want to join? Send us an email at admin@thenextwomen.com.

In the meantime: who better to help you than your fellow entrepreneurs? Here’s an overview:


Shleep – Els van der Helm

Much attention has been focused on the importance of sleep for top-performing athletes, musicians, and politicians. Your business’s teams shouldn’t be different.

Thursday August 12 & Friday August 13
Are you spending more time than you have googling about your baby’s sleep, and sieving through the avalanche of information?

Then join Sleep Expert, Dr. Els van der Helm, in Sleep and Your Baby’s First Year Masterclass! In this free session, she will guide you through the science behind baby sleep, sleep coaching strategies, and how best to protect your mental health in times of sleep deprivation.

Register here.

Douxe – Liselotte Koenders

Douxe serves four and five star hotels with unique bed concepts. In addition, they also offer part of their collection to the private market through a Hotel Luxury at Home program. This way Douxe makes it possible for everyone to experience the quality of a luxury hotel at home.

Coco & Cici – Marije Laman Trip-Vomberg

People often settle for sheets that don’t fully meet their desires and comfort. Pretty weird, considering how much time you spend in your bed. This company wants to change that. During one of their long journeys they came in contact with the most enchanting substance ever. This turned out to be the relatively undiscovered TENCEL™. The fabric takes sleep to a higher level.


Silatha – Veroniek Vermeulen

The Silatha Journey began when Veroniek discovered meditation, and the calm and fulfilment it could bring to her busy, daily routine. Living, loving and breathing this new rhythm, has been the most beautiful gift in her life. She wishes to share the Silatha Journey, enable you to light your inner glow and feel the difference in your life.’

Renewmyday – Renee Graadt-van Roggen

Vitality is the state of being mentally and physically strong and alive. Renewmyday defines integrated vitality as a way of embedding vitality building blocks in your daily life for optimal impact. That’s why they developed an easily accessible platform where their engaging audio visual content will help you to activate the vitality building blocks, move, sleep, eat, breathe & reflect.


Parfumado – Floor van Rooy

Parfumado is convinced of the power of scent. Scents stir up desires, summon emotions and bring memories to life. In short, scent -including perfume- is something very personal. The amount of fragrances being sold in perfumeries is enormous and continues to grow annually. How do you discover new favourites, suiting various occasions and seasons? This is their sample service originated. From the idea that shopping for perfumes should be fun, easy and personal.


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The Gift Label – Lynn Burgman

It is their passion to create products that are loved and spread happiness. Unique gifts that are fun to buy and even more fun to give. The products that The Gift Label sells are made with a lot of love and care and they always celebrate the little things in life and try to keep surprising people.

Soap Treatment Store – Esther Meijer-Litjens

In 2005 SOAP opened the first treatment store in the Spuistraat in Amsterdam with a completely new set-up for a beauty salon & store. The second store, on the Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam, was opened soon after. In addition to Amsterdam, there are now soap treatment stores in The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Haarlem. You can go here for facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, massage and other top-class beauty treatments and products.


Tea BarSara Verver & Fenje Bolt

The first Tea Bar in the Netherlands – with the best tea in the world! All Tea Bar tea and herbal creations are original, surprising and addictively delicious. All teas contain real pieces of fruit or spices. With its wide variety and innovative flavors, Tea Bar helps people ‘break away’ from the tea bag and switch to a blend that suits them better.


The hair fuel – Laura Sagen

The problems The hair fuel solves are slow and non-existent hair growth as well as excessive hair loss. While the reasons are many: perimenopausal, stress, hormonal – all focus on one thing: blood flow to the scalp. With maintaining their stance against animal cruelty and environmental pledge, it was important to come up with a solution that ticks all those boxes, too. The Hair Fuel is vegan and 100% natural.

We Look Ahead – Bianca van Galen

Most of the hair care brands started out with just a single product, often a pomade. In recent years most of the brands have developed into full lines, including products such as grooming & salt sprays, tonics & shampoos, pastes & powders, shave cremes & aftershaves and much more. This makes them perfect to carry at your barbershop or salon as you are able to provide a complete service. It is also nice to know that by working with these brands you support independent business owners just like yourselves.

Partner in Aesthetics – Jose Conrads

As an exclusive supplier of LPG endermologie® Netherlands, this company offers a total concept in which natural health, natural beauty and lifestyle come first by means of revolutionary equipment in combination with unique skincare and nutricosmetics.

Ikameraki – Kristina Cueva

IKA is an innovative luxury beauty brand that is all about helping you find your voice to proclaim that your beauty is up to you. Traditional beauty standards are fast disappearing. We are no longer seeking external validation or approval, instead we are looking within and we are embracing and loving what we see.

Supercilium – Manouk de Vries

Real beauty is unique. Not that you’d notice as you scroll through your timeline. Despite the multitude of face shapes, skin tones and hair colors, standardized beauty ideals seem to be taking over from unique personalities. Supercilium started because the founders saw many women struggling to maintain their uniqueness while creating a more beautiful look for themselves.


The Power of Time-off – Ingrid Valks

A global initiative for personal growth and well-being with a strong focus on developing new human skills. Upskilling people, teams and organisations to stay healthy and happy, to unleash potential and purpose, to be better prepared for 21st century challenges.

Burnout Poli – Barbara Kok

Burn Out Poli accompanies professionals, individuals, companies and groups to their authentic power. With the help of breakthrough coaching, training and consultancy they help clients that are stuck. No vague treatment plans but proven results, fast and sustainable. Unique is their 3d formula, that helped thousands of people overcoming their burn-outs.

Bye Bye Burnout – Mascha Mooy

Bye Bye Burnout consists of a team of experts that offers optimal burn-out care. The coaches are experts in the area of sustainable recovery of a burnout and because of their different experience, they know how to cater to everyone.

Aalsterveld Psychologen – Marieke Gransbergen

At Aalsterveld Psychologen, a personal touch and attention for everyones possibilities and wishes is always the focus. They want you to feel comfortable in their practice, the step to go and visit a psychologist is sometimes difficult enough. This company offers approachable, great care for everyone’s personal situation and only works with proven treatment methods.

GORT Coaching – Tosca Gort 

GORTcoaching is a family owned coaching company that was founded in 2009 and now has more than 800 locations throughout the Netherlands. They grew from the love of their field and enthusiastic customers, who experienced a valuable coaching path. As a market leader GORT services businesses, government and individuals with more than 60 different kinds of coaching. If you need a certified life changing coach, look no further.

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